Friday, 13 October 2017

Thai Body Massage

Thai body massage in delhi is also called Thai Harmony, which helps the body achieve the harmony necessary for a pleasant life and feeling of life. The Thai massage is characterized by the fact that the body treats the body as a whole organ system, not as a component but as a whole system, which forms a complex system with its parts and nature.

With massage techniques, however, it is not the overhaul of muscle that is the main aspect, but along the meridians oil and no creams are activated by pressing acupressure points and energized energies. Thai massage in new delhi has a centuries-old history with its own choreography, and during a one and two-hour massage, the massage therapist massages all the body parts from toes to the head of the head. Treatment is done on the ground in a dress designed for this purpose (according to the traditional formula). The significance of body massage in delhi ncr on the ground is that the patient and the masseuse are on a level where they perform stretches and not just palms and fingertips, but massages with knees, soles and elbows. He does not work with muscular power, but with body weight, without a particular toolbox. The next day, under strong pressure, they will not be full of blue-green patches, but only increased energy and excitement. The unique feature of Thai massage is by means of exhaustion techniques, stretching muscles and joining of joints contributes to the expansion of ranges of narrowed joints. Due to its nature, it is suitable for treating musculoskeletal disorders, relieving vegetative disturbances, relaxation, and stress and pain relief.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Full Body Massage Parlour in TDI Mall Rajouri Garden Delhi

Massage increases blood circulation, relieves pain and inhibits stress. Massage can prevent inflammation and strengthen the immune system. The balance has educated therapists with good knowledge of the body's anatomy and physiology. They use well-known massage techniques that are comfortable and which calm down the nervous system. The skin and muscles are stretched and tied with varying force and rhythm. The massage provides deep relaxation in both body and mind, increasing body awareness and better contact with your own feelings.

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Massage, therapy form consisting of processing of subcutaneous tissue and muscle with special handles. The main handles are stroke (effleurage), knocking (friction), rubbing (friction), banking (tapping) and vibration.

The purpose of the massage is to dissolve muscles and improve the lymph and blood flow. Massage can be used as part of treatment in soft tissue and muscle tension, and as a generally relaxing treatment in mental stress conditions. Many athletes also use massage as part of the restoration process after hard workouts. Massage must not be used in acute inflammatory conditions, on pain of an unknown cause or during the first few days after a softening injury where there is a risk of bleeding. Massage is a passive treatment and should be combined with active exercises.

Massage is known from ancient times in China and India, the ancient Greeks and Romans left to massage after the bath, and Hippocrates refers to massage treatment of sprains.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Full Body Massage Center in Delhi

Full Body Massage Center in Delhi : The Wellness Spa and Health Center is a symbol of happiness, purity, peace and health. Words can not tell the Caucasus Spa and Health Center.

Here you are given the royal service that you can play in your dreams. Everything here is for you.
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Let us help you to get rid of life's refuge and give us a shelter before you come back to life again before you get back to this strenuous life.

Turkish Bath Sauna Steam Bath Jacuzzi Massage in Delhi

Full body massage
Full body massage in delhi is a therapy for body tension removal by kneading, smoothing, shaking movements, moisture or hot foaming. metabolism brings awakening.

Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine, which has been translated "science long life." The main essence of Ayurveda is that a person can care for his own life and heal him. With Ayurveda, you can get rid of unnecessary ailments and live a long, healthy life

Thai massage
Thai massage is a deep massage by body muscle stretching. This kind of massage is mainly made on the floor and the person who massages the clothes wears a comfortable movement. Fat in Thai massage is not used

Sports massage
Sports massage is the kind of massage used before or after athletic movements. The goal of the massage is to increase the athlete's performance, remove fatigue, eliminate swelling, reduce muscle tension, and increase the incidence of injury

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Classical Full Body Massage in Delhi

Classical massage is one of the oldest and most effective tools used to improve health. This massage has a particularly positive effect on our body, eliminates tension and stress. After the massage, the back, headaches, relaxation of the muscles, disappearance of spasms, restoration of joint mobility, restoration of the functions of the body after injuries, fractures, and shocks are released. Regular massage strengthens immunity, improves sleep, reduces headaches, gives freshness, improves mood and improves your well-being.

The classic full body massage in delhi is recommended for people working in sedentary work, Also, this massage is recommended for athletes or people who are intensely busy after heavy physical activity. Alone after a massage, fatigue disappears, muscle lactic acid is eliminated, muscle tone and tissue elasticity increase.

Classic massages use special oils, classical massage techniques. Massage in Delhi - neck, spine, crotch, buttocks, legs, belly, chest, hands, exposed biologically active points.

During the massage, the blood circulation and lymph flow of the whole organism improves, metabolism is accelerated, muscle capacity increases. It also improves skin function, removes squamous epidermis cells faster from its surface, promotes cell regeneration, and enhances sweat and sebaceous glands activity. This makes the skin more elastic and resistant to negative external influences.

Thus, the classic full body to body massage in delhi has not only medical benefits, but also allows you to relax and relax from everyday worries.

prophylactically for the treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, muscle and joint stiffness, spinal and joint disease, stress, tiredness and stress. This is one of the most effective and reliable ways to get rid of worries, relax and relax in an hour.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Classic Swedish Massage

Whence the name of the classic Swedish massage?

Classical body massage in new delhi has its origins in Sweden, so it is often referred to as the "Swedish massage". Its founder, the Swede Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839).

How does the classic Swedish massage?

To be performed on bare skin, which is oiled. It covers the entire body - start at the back and finishing the abdominal muscles. The therapist applies a variety of techniques approaches:

  •    smoothing,
  •    kneading, 
  •    rubbing, 
  •    hitting and    shaking.
Positive and relaxing effects on the body

Positive effects are physical and psychological nature, as it released the entire body. Massage relieves stress, tension and consequently insomnia. Muscles recovers strength, joints become more flexible, reduce swellings. The skin after the massage supple, elastic and resistant to external influences.

Which to choose therapeutic form of massage?

Relaxation massage in delhi is recommended for all who want to relax, therapeutic to those who you plagued by various problems, pain. Therapeutic full body massage in delhi is so rough and the pressure is stronger, but they are also faster and better results.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Therapeutic Body Massage in Delhi

Massage in delhi is not a novelty of our time but has existed since ancient times and is part of all the ancient cultures, from India, Greece, China, Egypt and Rome to the Middle East countries. The man had already known her beneficial effect instinctively by rubbing the painful parts of her body.

The origin of the word itself is found in the Latin language, in which "mass" means "fading", but also in Arabic, where "mas" means "pressing". Therefore, when talking about massage, we speak primarily of the touch ache.
Wellness Spa
Therapeutic body massage in delhi is a special form of massage that works to alleviate body health problems such as relieving muscle pain, but also with the desire to relax the body that is at risk of everyday stress situations that negatively affect the general condition of the body.

Stress is the greatest enemy of a modern man, and massage is the answer to his threats and an effective solution to the preservation of man's mental and physical health.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Full Body Massage with Jacuzzi Bath in Delhi

Today, many well-known massage procedures and the same is also different effects produced by these offers massages.

Wellness Spa offers a variety of body massage treatments with Jacuzzi bath for men. In our aesthetic enjoy the best treatments in the hands of professionals who ensure great for your wellbeing.


Body massage in new delhi is the most common form of massage. The body massage takes place on a couch by massaging the massager with his exercised hands and massaging muscles and connective tissue. A good masseur can with normal full body massage in delhi loosen infiltration and remove soreness and hold his neck. Body massage causes increased blood circulation and a better well-being. Try regular body massage with ion therapy - it does not cost extra

Benefits of Body Massage
  • relieves stress
  • reduction in pain and tension
  • release of endorphins
  • relaxation and therefore reduction in anxiety
  • improved blood circulation
  • improved lymphatic drainage
The treatments Wellness Massage Spa are designed to relax and recover energies, from head to toe.

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